1. The Organizer’s own all Rights to the Tuzo za Kilimo including copyright rules
  2. The application period will be open up to midnight of March 31st 2019
  3. Entry into the Tuzo za Kilimo is only open to Tanzanian citizens and Tanzanian registered companies and excludes:
    • Organizers member employees, agencies, firms or companies associated with the organisers members: and
    • A spouse, child or sibling of a person referred to in paragraph 3(a) of these terms.
  4. The Audit partner have absolute discretion, responsible for determining whether a person is an eligible applicant in its absolute discretion
  5. The top five finalist will be notified by telephone and email.
  6. Competitor’s vital information will be handled with utmost confidence.
  7. Applicants will complete an on-line application form or fill the physical printed form available at
    www.tuzo.co.tz www.361africa.com www.tccia.com or available any regional TCCIA offices (providing all details required, including their full name and address)
  8. If requested by the organizer, the Tuzo za Kilimo winner must produce within the time requested by the organizer at its absolute discretion, appropriate photo, Identification or other documentation required by the organizer to verify their identity, age, eligibility to enter the Tuzo za Kilimo and compliance with these terms
  9. The Tuzo za Kilimo will only be awarded following all validation and verification of requirement of the Auditors being met to its satisfaction
  10. Eligible applicants will enter the Tuzo za Kilimo in as many categories they deem fit.
  11. Eligible applicants can only enter the Tuzo za Kilimo in their own or company name
  12. The Tuzo za Kilimo is not transferable, exchangeable or redeemable for cash and must be taken as offered and may not be varied
  13. The organizer accepts no responsibility for any application not received for any reason during the application periods, nor will any responsibility be taken for late or misdirected application.
  14. If, for any reason, the Tuzo za Kilimo cannot be as planned, including due to tampering, unauthorized intervention, fraud or any other causes beyond the control of the organizers, the organizer reserves the right in its absolute discretion to take any action that may be deemed necessary, subject to Tanzania regulations, including or postponing the award.
  15. Any applicant who, in the opinion of the organizer/auditor, tampers or interferes with the application mechanism in any way, engages in any unlawful or improper conduct which jeopardizes or is likely to jeopardize the fair or proper conduct of the award or who does not properly comply with the application process, will be disqualified..
  16. Incomplete, indecipherable or incorrect application are not eligible to win the Tuzo za Kilimo.
  17. The Auditor/jury reserves the right to disqualifying application in the event of non-compliance with these terms. The Auditor/jury decisions in relation to all aspects of the Award are final and binding on each applicant and no correspondence will be entered into
  18. The organizers employees, related entities and all agencies associated with the Tuzo za Kilimo shall not be liable for any loss or claim, action , demand , liability, damage, cost or expense whatsoever (including but not limited to any direct, indirect or consequential loss incurred, suffered or sustained by any person or entity (without Limitation) in connection with arising from the Award or the acceptance or use of or participation in the award, except that which cannot be excluded by law (in which case that liability is limited to the maximum extent allowable by law)
  19. The organizer accepts no responsibility for any tax liabilities that may arise from winning or receiving the benefit of the Award.
  20. Eligible applicants agree and acknowledge that all application and any intellectual property rights in regards to the application become and remain the property of the organizer.
  21. The short-listed /finalist of the Awards should substantia their competitiveness by producing the necessary documents as proof that the information provided by them is true to the actual/reality.
  22. The Award prizes can be in kind as may be decided by the organizer
  23. Each applicant is entitled to compete for in any category of awards and each application should be submitted separately
  24. Organizer has full right to cancel or postpone the final Award process/dates without prior notice to any finalist
  25. The entrant agrees that should they be shortlisted for an Award they will provide a representative to attend the award ceremony to accept the trophy in the event they are successful
  26. The organizers reserve the right, and the entrant agrees to same, that where the shortlisted entrant fails to send a representative to attend the event the organizers can withdraw the relevant shortlisted entry(s) from the competition without further recourse.
  27. In the circumstances that a shortlisted entrant fails to send a representative to the event but has been declared the winner, the organizers reserve the right, at their sole discretion, to void the entrant’s submission(s) and promote the next placed entrant present at the event to be declared the winner
  28. In the event that a winning entrant does not send a representative to the event then, on submitting to the organizers an explanation as to their non-attendance, they may still, at the organizers sole discretion, be awarded their trophy which will be shipped to them upon receipt from the entrant by the organizers of a payment of USD500.00 plus VAT
  29. If the entrant wins an award it grants permission to the organizers to use any photographs, video, sound, written or other material as it sees fit and without restriction