About Tuzo Za Kilimo


The Tuzo za Kilimo recognize and celebrate the most innovative organizations and individuals that have contributed to Tanzania being viewed as a regional leader in this sector. The Award categories reflect the main areas of excellence in this vibrant industry, such as Agriculture faming, Beverages, Food Processing as well as many others.


Agribusiness is one of Tanzania’s most important indigenous industries, contributing an estimated USD 13.9 billion to the national economy and employing over 67% of its population directly and indirectly. The awards programme also offers a platform to highlight the efforts of all those involved in the successes to date and celebrate their achievements together at the prestigious Awards ceremony.

361 Degrees has partnered with the Chamber of Commerce, Industry And Agriculture and PKF East Africa for the first of their kind in the country and region, meant to celebrate the country's unsung heroes who have surmounted odds to provide for the population in Tanzania and beyond and generate revenue for the Country.

Tanzanian farmers have been among the region’s most unlucky. From erratic supply and price of fertilizer in recent times, to late delivery of planting materials like seeds which has ultimately affected planting and harvesting seasons, and lack of ready markets, the farmers have nevertheless braved new and emerging challenges to keep a trade and a profession going.

361 Degrees inspired by the hard work of the stakeholder in the Agriculture sector has sought to create a reward system on an annual basis, to celebrate our unsung heroes. Thus we need to return the dignity of the soil and appreciate the immense contribution that goes into placing food in the table of millions of families in Tanzania and beyond.

  • Agribusiness of the year
  • Agribusiness of the year Cash crops
  • Agribusiness of the Year Co-operative
  • Agribusiness of the Year Equipment & Machinery
  • Agribusiness of the Year Food or Beverage Producer
  • Agribusiness of the Year Merchant/traders
  • Agribusiness of the year Women
  • Agribusiness of the year Fresh Fruits & Vegetables
  • Agribusiness Rising Star
  • Corporate social responsibility of the year
  • Excellence in Education & Training
  • Excellence in Export Achievement
  • Excellence in Health & Safety
  • Innovation in Agribusiness
  • Large scale farm of the year (more than Tsh 100m)
  • Lifetime achievement of the year
  • Overall Farmer of the year
  • Small scale farm of the year (Less than Tsh 100m)
  • Women farmer of the Year
  • Youth in Agriculture